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How Prepared are You for the Second-Coming of Jesus?

It’s a Prophesy older than time itself. Some people believe it to be true, some people are faithful to its promise of a good life, and some think about the Second Coming as something people use to delude themselves of the world’s inevitable decay. Well it is hard to know. Founding your faith on something that people will take as a theory is not something you can easily brave about. But do you believe in His Second Coming? Are you positive that when all of these things end, you will ascent towards His Kingdom?

How prepared are you for that day?

It’s all written in the book of Revelation, a part of the Bible written by one Jesus’ apostles, John. It is said that John witnessed everything through a vision, a vision gifted to him by the Almighty Creator to revel the end times towards the people who believe in Him. In Revelation everything that is about to be done according to His will is written in such language that only the knowledgeable can decipher. It’s not meant to be taken literally the book of Revelation is filled with so secrets and metaphors that one might misconstrue everything if they won’t take a look closer to the real meaning of every word and imagery depicted on the text.

So how do you deal with the accuracy of meaning? How do you manage to unfold the truth that lies in plain sight in its content?

The answer is to seek. Isn’t it also written in the Bible? Knock and a door shall be opened. It’s the same thing as finding clarity and clearance of the things that confuse you about Revelation. You can use a guide, a scholar that works through his life interpreting enigmas and transferring essence of metaphors to its real denotation. You need to loom for qualified sources that will provide you enough basis and foregrounds of the things that you need to know about Revelation and its hidden content. The Second Coming, as for the many people who believe it, is said to be nearing. All the signs are there and everywhere you can see marks of the Prophesy coming to truth.

Read the right source and you will be enlightened the right way. Understanding what is carefully hidden and written in the book of Revelation is not as hard as you think. With the right amount of effort and perseverance – you can get the right answer to your wonderings about the deep meanings of Revelation. It’s about time to take things seriously and read through the second coming because you will never know when it will happen and as written it will happen in blink of an eye, like an unannounced thief in your presence ad when it does happen, you need one thing to be sure – you are ready and more than worthy to be salvaged from the great wrath that is about to come. Saved yourself and focus your self on the Second Coming.

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