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Asphalt is described as a semi-solid form or highly viscous liquid of petroleum that is typically black in colour and sticky in consistency. Asphalts are usually refined products that may be found in natural deposits. The asphalt is commonly being used for the construction of roads, in a way that it may act as the binder or glue once it is mixed with some aggregate particles like stone, crushed rock, sand, and gravel. When the asphalt and some other aggregate particles it will turn into what they called as asphalt concrete. Aside from the road construction, the asphalt can also be used for bituminous waterproofing products, such as sealing flat roofs and roofing felt. There is really a lot of uses of asphalt, and commonly this is being applied in the production, maintenance and construction of various systems, components and structures, and some of the common products where asphalt is being applied include pipe coatings, dams, damp proofing, highways, airport runways, pedestrian ways and footways, car parks, tennis courts, racetracks, soundproofing, pipe coating, cable coatings, paints, newspaper ink production, and reservoir and pool linings.

The term asphalt concrete is commonly being used in the continent of North America, and some other terms that refers to such composite material are pavement, blacktop, and simply as asphalt; while in the country of United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, it is being called as bitumen macadam, tarmac and rolled asphalt. There are actually six ways on how the asphalt and the aggregate particles are being mixed, namely the warm-mix asphalt concrete or WMA, the cold-mix asphalt concrete, the cut-back asphalt concrete, the high-modulus asphalt concrete, the mastic asphalt concrete or sheet asphalt, and the last one, is the hot-mix asphalt concrete. The reason as to why the asphalt concrete has become very popular all over the world is because it can provide lots of benefits to the people. Some of the common benefits of constructing asphalt concrete include the fact that it promotes safety to the drivers for it can create the smoothest surface for driving; it is also cost-effective; it is also energy efficient because it can reduce rolling resistance; it is also environmental friendly because its main material is the most recycled product in the world; and lastly, it is business- and traveller-friendly.

There are definitely a lot of companies that offers asphalt services all over the world, and mostly these companies are composed of engineers and contractors. Some of the common asphalt services they offer include repair and installation of parking lots, installations of streets in subdivisions, and asphalt paving of race tracks and county roads. The other services that they may offer their clients include the asphalt seal coating, and this term is defined as a sealant and protective coating that can double the life of the asphalt pavement. Some companies also offer asphalt pavement markings, as well as, striping. There may be a lot of companies that offers asphalt services but it is best to find and hire the most outstanding asphalt paving contractor for you. One of the most well-known companies that offers such great and efficient services is the Jones Asphalt Services located in Maryland, USA. The people who wants to learn more about the Jones Asphalt Services may check out their website by just typing in the name of their company in the search panel of a search engine.

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