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Tips for Finding a New Cosmetic Dentist

Are you in search of a new cosmetic dentist? Maybe you have a new job, changed cities, or are just not happy with the one you’ve been seeing before. In any case, you will find lots of choices out there, so it may take some time to find the best fit for your needs.

Before you decide to choose a certain cosmetic dentist, consider the following:


People often prefer a cosmetic dentist who’s close to where they live, work or pick up their kids. And the reason is obvious: convenience. There’s no need to go out of your way when you need to go for a visit. With a quick web search, you will know where cosmetic dentists are in your preferred area.

Referrals and Internet Reviews

When you’re trying to find a good cosmetic dentist, nothing beats a personal referral by a trusted family member or friend.
Besides finding cosmetic dentist locations on the web, you can also read testimonials written by real patients (stick with popular independent websites for factual information). This step can actually be crucial if the cosmetic dentist wasn’t personally recommended by someone you know.

Cosmetic dentist’s Website

Cosmetic dentists usually have a website where you can learn more about them. When exploring a cosmetic dentist’s website, know whether they are conveniently located, if their business hours are consistent with your availability, and what rules are in place for missed appointments. Learn about their philosophy regarding dental care, including the use of medications to help a patient relax during treatment. The financial aspect is another important consideration, of course. You probably won’t find their fees on their website, but you might find information regarding their general payment policies and whether or not they will honor your dental insurance. If there are other things you’d like to know about them, you can always call them.

Initial Visit

Once you’ve your research, make a shortlist of at least two or three of your top choices, and visit each one of them personally. Look around their offices. Are they clean and organized well? Do the dental staff put gloves or masks on (or any protective apparel)? How nice and helpful are they, especially the cosmetic dentist? Comfort with the cosmetic dentist and the office is a must, or you’ll only want to find yourself a new one after a while.

First Appointment

Finally, on your first checkup and cleaning, ask the cosmetic dentist to give you a complete report on your oral health. If you are surprised by a long list of recommended treatments, such as crown replacements, oral surgery, etc., be wary. Anyhow, you have to receive your dental plan in written form, and it must include the costs of each procedure recommended. If you feel that the plan is unreasonable, do not hesitate to find another cosmetic dentist who can offer a second opinion.

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